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Literary Agents 

Hannah Bowman
Lucy Carson
John Cusick
Alyssa Eisner-Henken
Linda Epstein 
Karen Grencik 
Katie Grimm
Susan Hawk 
Melissa Jeglinski
Peter Knapp  
Natalie Lakosil 
Sarah LaPolla 
Victoria Lowes
Lauren MacLeod
Victoria Marini 
Ali McDonald
Patricia Nelson 
Erin Niumata
Lara Perkins 
Michelle Richter
Jessica Sinsheimer 
Uwe Stender
Brent Taylor
Suzie Townsend
Carly Watters
Julia Weber  
Roseanne Wells
Tina Wexler 


Erica Finkel
Anna Roberto


Renee Ahdieh
Anne Blankman
Jaye Robin Brown 
Caroline Carlson 
Alison Cherry 
Cinda Williams Chima
Bethany Crandell  
Liz Czukas 
Kat Ellis
Janet Gurtler
Kate Hattemer 
Jaleigh Johnson 
Elizabeth LaBan 
Sara Larson
Christina Lee 
Lori M. Lee
Jenny Lundquist 
Jen Malone
Mindy McGinnis 
Kate Karyus Quinn  
Liesl Shurtliff
Anna Staniszewski 
Paula Stokes
Mary Elizabeth Summer
Carmella Van Vleet
Kasie West  



Amy Allgeyer
Sarah Ahiers 
Ami Allen-Vath
Rachel Bateman
Brooks Benjamin
Jenn Bishop
Natalie Blitt
Jennie K. Brown
Brittany Cavallaro 
Traci Chee
Abby Cooper
Jill Diamond
Margaret Dilloway
Kurt Dinan
Lindsay Eagar
Tobie Easton
Claire Fayers
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn 
Everyly Frost
Kathleen Glasgow
Melissa Gorzelanczyk
Julie Hammerle
Bridget Hodder
Ava Jae 
Lisa Koosis
Kathy MacMillan 
Jenny Manzer 
Jennifer Mason-Black
Wendy McLeod MacKnight
Jenn P. Nguyen
Shanon Parker
Shari Schwarz 
Lois Sepahban
Laura Shovan
Emily Skrutskie  
Mia Siegert
Janet Sumner Johnson 
Elly Swartz
Monica Tesler  
Kalie Wallace 

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  1. These interviews are really helpful. Thank you!

  2. What a fantastic resource this is. I'm querying at the moment so reading these Agent interviews is fantastically helpful. Thanks.

  3. Thanks so much for this list! It's great to have interviews with agents, authors and editors all in one place.


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