I Have an Agent!! Did I Just Say That?

I can’t believe I am actually posting my very own 
“How I Got My Agent” story!  Here goes . . .


Shortly after I started writing Locker 43, I joined Query Tracker and started a list of agents.  I broke them down by what they represented and then added notes after scouring for interests like “magical” and “quirky.”  Don’t be fooled, I am not always so organized- which is why I started the list so early and added as I went along.

In March, when my manuscript was finally finished and polished, I started submitting.  About a week later, I had a full request, which turned into an R&R the next day.  The notes helped me get the manuscript in even better shape and I'm so grateful for the agent’s feedback.  Over the next couple of months, a handful of partials, fulls, and plenty of rejections came and went.

At the end of May, I had a not-so-fun couple of weeks with a pass on the R&R, some brutal feedback, and contests with a lack of helpful comments.  Even with fulls still out, that feeling of doubt was starting to surface. 

The first Monday of June, I received a request for a full, which was a complete surprise since it had been quite a while since I sent the query.  I may have done a happy dance.  :)

I sent it off to the mysterious Land of Requests where the other fulls were hanging out and I was determined to wait for feedback before sending out any more queries.  I know this is crazy talk, but I didn’t mind the waiting.  It meant I still got to be hopeful, and I could live with that for a bit.  (That does not mean I didn’t check e-mail frequently and panic at the sight of “RE: QUERY- Locker 43” in the subject line.)

Then it happened.  It happened.  A week later, while I was out on the deck working on my laptop,

greek deckOk, so this isn’t my deck, but I’m taking some creative liberty here.

that little box that tells me I have an e-mail popped up in the lower right of my screen, with only the following showing, “Dear Deanna, I enjoyed Locker 43, and . . .”

And.  Not but.  Not unfortunately.  Oh boy, this could go either way, I thought to myself. 

I clicked it open and there it was. “Would you be available for a chat . . .” 

THE Call was great.  I loved her thoughts on the book and her enthusiasm for it. The ideas in the story that were really important to me, were the same ones she pointed out.  I was insanely excited, yet completely at ease at the same time.

The next week was so much more than I expected.  After I sent out the standard “Offer of representation” emails, there were more requests for fulls, and then more offers.  Fantastic offers. 

For this super important decision, I let the analytic side of me take over for a bit to find out all the details.  Then, after all the research, emails, calls with agents, and chats with friends, I stopped and listened to the wise Yoda. 

“Already know you that which you need.”

“Use your feelings, Obi-Wan, and find him you will.”

I am thrilled to announce that I am now represented by the fabulous Kerry Sparks of the Levine Greenberg Literary Agency!!!!!!!

signingThat’s me. That’s the contract!

I’ve been waiting to use these exclamation points, so please forgive me for going a bit overboard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has supported me, given me encouragement, and become a new writing friend.  I am so excited for the journey. 


Stats for those who crave them . . .

Queries Sent- 45
Requests- 12 (5 partials, 8 fulls-1 partial to full)
Rejections- 29
No Response- 13
Offers- 3

Photo credits: Illustration by Jef Bettens and photo by Ifi Dafni


  1. Congrats Dee!! Such exciting news!!

  2. YAY DEE!!!!!


    Also, it says so much about your presence on mind that you turned to Yoda during such an important time of your life. :)

    Congratulations on landing such a fabulous agent!

  3. A huge congratulations to you! Thanks for connecting on QT: it's been fun to share this journey with you.

  4. Congratulations on your happy news! Perseverance pays off again.
    ps-- I love the view from your deck.

  5. YAY x 1000! I am so thrilled for you and for your story! I think if any time calls for excessive exclamation points, this is it! :) Excited to read more about your journey in the coming weeks!

  6. Yay! I really think there's something about the #TwitWits that ia giving good mojo to everyone;) I'm so excited for you! Congratulations, I look forward to hearing about all the good things that will be coming your way very soon!

  7. I've only experienced the query-mill with editors, but it's pretty similar. Now your wonderful new agent can take some of this roller coaster ride for you. Up-up and away!
    Wonderful news and wonderful post to start the day. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Congratulations! I'm coming over to write on your deck. That view is aMAZing! ;)

  9. Congratulations! I love a good success story.

  10. Oh yeah! Dee's pimpin' it out.

    So utterly thrilled for you. I know you'll keep the #TwitWits posted. We're with you every step of the way. Let us know what kind of support you need: wine, blog posts, marketing, etc.

  11. YAYYY! Congratulations to you and your agent who obvs made the right decision. :)

  12. Wow, great story and great stats! Can't wait to hear about the next "call"! Congratulations.

  13. YAAAAAAAAY, Dee!!!!!! I was more excited to hear this than I would be for my own signing, lol.

    I am so freaking happy for you!!!

  14. Congratulations!!! I'm sure it's only the beginning of fantastic literary things for you!

  15. Congrats! I love happy stories and yours is almost giddy!

    I'm not sure how I found you and your blog, but I've been following it and I'm delighted for you.

    -- Barb (Owl on Verla's)

  16. I think you already know how happy I am for you, but I will say it again. YEAH YOU!! Thanks for letting me in on things ahead of time and trusting my opinions. :) :) :)

  17. YAY!!!! Oh I am just thrilled for you. This is definitely my favorite post of the day. Congrats, congrats and more congrats. Here's hoping for a swift sale!

    Angela Ackerman

  18. A BIG thank you to everyone for all the congrats and well wishes!

    It was so hard to keep quiet because I wanted to share it with all of you!

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by. :)

  19. Read your post on the Blue Boards.

    Congratulations! Awesome news.

  20. Wow, so exciting!!! Congratulations! :D

  21. Congratulations! What a great feeling. I saw your post on the QT forum and wanted to say hi. I'm repped by Stephanie Rostan at Levine Greenberg, so I guess that makes us agency sisters. Will be fun to follow your journey!

  22. So happy for you. It really is a great premise and it sounds like your hard work has paid off! :)

  23. Congratulations and wahoo! You have an exciting adventure ahead of you. :)

  24. "And. Not but. Not unfortunately."

    "I didn’t mind the waiting. It meant I still got to be hopeful"

    Great stuff, Deanna. Thanks a million for sharing & the LOL.

  25. Congratulations! What exciting news and I am sure you are thrilled. :) WIshing you much success.


  26. I can't remember if I saw this when you posted it, but congratulations!!!

  27. I'm popping in again to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my story.

    It has been very exciting and it makes it even more fun to share it with all of you. :)

  28. Nice. I hope I can do said happy dance someday soon with my novel, The Darkness of the Womb.

  29. Dee, Snoopy Dance :) Congrats! Thanks for sharing your stats. Happy for you.

  30. Wonderful Story. And congratulations! yipee!!!

  31. I know I'm a little late to this party but I just now found your "Inspiring Stories" page! Yeay!!! Congrats! You definitely got me with the deck picture. My brain went WHOA. And then I laughed at your caption :-). Yippy skippy and happy for you!


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