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Over the last few weeks, I’ve received blogger awards from the fabulous Rachel, Summer, and Kim.  Thank you!  I appreciate it and I am grateful to have met such great writer friends.

I’m generally a rule follower, for the most part, but since this has been such a busy summer, I’m simply going to give you the seven random bits about me.  


1. I refuse to litter. How difficult is it to throw something out?! My son is already on board with this and points out whenever someone has broken this law- seriously, it’s a law, people.

2. I have so many allergies, I can't drink alcohol and I can't wear earrings.  If I do, red becomes the predominant color on my face and ears and I fire up in record time.

3. I love to travel and have seen some big events.  I’ve been to the Olympics, Wimbledon, the Home Run Derby, a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, the greatest comeback in NFL history, and a Presidential inauguration.  A Super Bowl is on my list, but I’m waiting for the rebirth of the Bills.  I see your laughter and I raise you four consecutive Super Bowls.  It’s harder than you think.

4. I will watch Friends and Seinfeld anytime they're on.  They are STILL funny.  Every. Single. Time.

5. I hate when people don't use their blinkers, but even worse is when people throw cigarettes out the window.  I find myself wishing I had a secret badge and could call in the license plate for an immediate fine. 

6. I have been a vegetarian for 25 years. The easiest way I’ve found to explain my answer to “Well, do you eat . . .?” is this- nothing with eyes or a mother.

7. I love to keep in touch with old friends. How cool to have known your best friends since Kindergarten.  I’m very lucky to have amazing friends and friendships that have grown stronger over the years.

There you have it.  I little bit about me.  Please be sure to check out the blogs of the wonderful writers listed above. 


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  1. Of course I knew all these things about you, but I especially love 1, 4 and 7 :)


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