Hook, Line, & Sinker Agents & Wish Lists

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Now, I suppose you want to hear about our FANTASTIC line up of agents? 

Drumroll please . . .

Brooks Sherman,
FinePrint Literary

On the adult side, Brooks is looking for literary and upmarket fiction, speculative (particularly urban/contemporary fantasy rooted in realistic settings and horror/dark fantasy), as well as historical fiction and crime fiction. On the children’s side, he seeks boy-focused middle grade novels (all subgenres, but particularly fantasy adventure and contemporary), and is open to YA fiction of all types except paranormal romance. He would especially love to get his hands on a dark and/or funny contemporary YA project.

elise-capronElise Capron,
Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Elise is interested in adult literary fiction and historical fiction that has unforgettable writing, a terrific narrative voice/tone, and memorable characters. She loves novels with an unusual or eccentric edge, and is drawn to stories she has never heard before. Elise does not represent YA or middle grade.

Amanda Lewis-001
Amanda Lewis, Doe Coover Agency

Amanda represents both middle grade and YA and especially loves a good adventure, mystery, or young adult love story with offbeat characters.  She is particularly interested in funny middle grade and rom coms for YA.

Roseanne-Wells_thumb2Roseanne Wells,
Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency

Roseanne is looking for strong literary fiction that emphasizes craft and style equally, and doesn't sacrifice plot and character for beautiful sentences; young adult of all genres; very selective middle grade that connects her to a strong main character; science-fiction and fantasy; and smart detective novels (more Sherlock Holmes than cozy mysteries).

Susan Hawk, Susan-Hawk-photo4-001
The Bent Agency

In middle-grade and YA, Susan is looking for mystery, scifi, humor, boy books, historical, contemporary (really any genre). Her favorite projects live at the intersection of literary and commercial.

Molly Ker Hawn (2)Molly Ker Hawn,
The Bent Agency

Molly is looking for young adult and middlegrade fiction that's inventive, well-crafted, and rich with emotion, whether contemporary, historical, fantasy, sf, thriller, romance, or mystery.

Marisa Corvisiero, Marisa Corvisiero Corvisiero Agency

Marisa seeks creative stories with well developed plots and rich characters with unique voices. She will consider Romance, Thrillers, Adventure, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and any combination thereof. She will also consider the same genres for Young Adults and Middle Grade readers.

Sarah LaPollaSarah LaPolla,
Curtis Brown

Sarah represents both adult and YA fiction. For adult books, she is looking for literary fiction, urban fantasy, magical realism, dark/psychological mystery, and literary horror. On the YA side, she welcomes all genres and is drawn to unique voices and strong, complex characters.

Terrie Wolf,
AKA Literary

Terrie represents adults, YA and middle grade, and is looking for Inspirational (Things of Faith), Multi-Cultural, Women’s, Children’s (all), Romance (all), and Westerns.
Slight Fizzification: Terrie is not just looking for a story, she is looking for a book that you would loan out to someone, but never, ever give away. Terrie wants a manuscript that is going to give you that can’t eat, can’t sleep, bases loaded, bottom of the ninth feeling you have when you kiss the love of your life for the first time. Let’s make her feel some serious fireworks, kids!

Erin Harris, Folio Literary Agency
Erin is looking for literary fiction, book club fiction, YA, and select narrative non-fiction. Regarding FICTION for adults, she’s especially interested in: Novels set against the backdrop of another time, place, or culture, novels that incorporate some kind of surreal or magical element, and novels with mystery and suspense in their DNA, or ones with a noir aesthetic.
Regarding YA, she’s interested in: Contemporary, voice-driven novels that approach the universal experience of being a teenager from a surprising or an unlikely perspective. Though she enjoys some paranormal romances, she’s currently shying away from representing anything involving angels, chimera, Greek gods, and dystopias. She is, however, open to YA books with highly original supernatural concepts or undertones.
Regardless of genre, she gravitates toward books that have both compelling concepts and impeccable, stop-you-in-your-tracks writing. Give her a topic or an idea that she can’t wait to tell editors about – and that she can explain clearly and succinctly. Give her prose that leaps off the page. She’s a real sucker for sentences that demand to be read aloud. She also loves bad-ass female protagonists across the board.

Pooja Menon, Pooja
Kimberley Cameron & Associates

Pooja is looking for writing with an easy flow, compelling voices, and unique perspectives. She wants literary, commercial, and historical women's fiction, especially stories with an international flavor, vibrant characters, multi-cultural themes, and lush settings. In terms of YA, which is a genre she is extremely interested in acquiring, she's looking for submissions across all genres (contemporary, adventure, realist, paranormal, romance, gothic, horror, historical, steampunk, dystopian, and fantasy).

JulietJuliet Mushens,
Peters Fraser & Dunlop

Juliet represents everything from celebrity autobiographies to children’s fiction; from cookery to sf/f; from business books to literary fiction. The only things she doesn’t like are: picture-books, travel, political thrillers, diet books and erotica.


  1. We're doing our best to make this a fun and fair contest for everyone.

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  2. Wow! What a great line up of agents. Thanks for putting so much work into this guys!!

  3. Wow! Unbelievable list! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  4. Thanks for doing this, guys! It's such a great opportunity to have our work viewed by these fantastic agents!

  5. Great line up! Excited for Monday - thanks for hosting and for pulling together such a great list of agents!


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