ALT D-12: Creepy Crawley and the Demon of Despair

NAME: Tracey Jones-Hughes
MENTOR: Brent Taylor
TITLE: Creepy Crawley and the Demon of Despair
GENRE: MG Fantasy
WORD COUNT: 49,000


Armed with only a packet of table salt and the snarky sister he accidentally turned into a ghost, Finn Crawley must defeat the demon of the Ouija board or the human race will self destruct.


Finn squinted at the tatty brown box buried under a pile of discarded children’s games. Unlike its neighbours with their cheesy promises of wholesome family entertainment, this box had no pictures of kids with fake smiles pretending they were having an epic time.

Glancing over his shoulder, Finn was relieved to see that his mum and twin sister, Mel, were too engrossed in clothes shopping to care what he was up to. He had to be careful, though. Mel would home in on him like a heat seeking missile if she saw something had caught his eye.

Weaving his way through the clutter, Finn headed towards the back of the charity shop. All the games were stacked on top of a folding table which slumped in the middle like a saggy pair of undies. A tingle ran down his spine as he savoured the delicious anticipation of the box’s potential contents. It could be anything; priceless Star Wars trading cards, pristine DC comics, maybe even a vintage tin plate Japanese robot.  He reached over and gently dragged his finger through the thick covering of dust on a Spiderman jigsaw. Nothing here had been touched for months. Hardly surprising. No one he knew would be caught dead playing Kerplunk or Buckaroo, although, Connect 4 wasn’t too bad, if you were about five years old.

Finn nervously looked back again. His mum’s cheeks were flushed as she flicked through hangers of clothes faster than a bargain hunter at the January sales.


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