ALT D-4: The Last Boy at St. Edith’s

NAME: Lee Gjertsen Malone
MENTOR: Jennifer Malone
GENRE: MG Contemporary
WORD COUNT: 38,000


Twelve-year-old Jeremy faces his worst nightmare when he’s left as the only boy at St. Edith's school. Getting expelled through a series of escalating pranks seems like the perfect solution ­until everything goes
horribly awry.


“See that house over there?” Claudia whispered to Jeremy. The two seventh graders were standing on a street Jeremy had never been down before. It was chilly and the sky was dark, but the streetlamps cut paths of light through the gloom. Some of the houses were already decorated for Halloween.

”Sure,” Jeremy said, peering into the dimness. This part of Lower Falls was nicer than his neighborhood, with ranch houses and small colonials set close
together on quarter-acre plots. The houses were well cared-for, and people paid a lot of attention to their gardens.

”See the gnome?” Claudia asked.

”The what?”

“The lawn gnome, Jeremy, the little man,” she said impatiently.

He could almost make out a little statue in the shadow of the front hedges. He nodded. “Okay, what about it?”

“Do I have to spell every thing out for you?” she said. “We’re going to take it. Come on.”

Claudia began walking slowly down the sidewalk in front of the house with her head down like she was looking for something on the ground. Then she
darted across the lawn, grabbed the ceramic creature under one arm, ran back to the street and tossed it into the back of her brother Ian’s Jeep, idling
by the curb. He had reluctantly agreed to be their driver for this clandestine mission.

”Now your turn,” she said.

Jeremy wasn’t sure what the point of all this was, but if he knew Claudia, there definitely was one.


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