ALT D-9: The Worst Villain Ever

NAME: Amy Bearce
MENTOR: Brenda Drake
GENRE: MG SF/Fantasy
WORD COUNT: 34,000


Despicable Me meets The Incredibles when a too-nice-villain-in-training challenges the strongest superhero ever to prove his villainousness and discovers superheroes have problems, too, and being good isn’t so bad after all.


If the Pruwell family villains were a perfectly coiffed head of hair, George Pruwell would be the cowlick that keeps on sticking out no matter how much spit is firmly applied.

The George in question peered out the window wearing his Mastermind Magnifying Goggles. With those bad boys on, he could see the yellow centers of Ms. Wutherford's daisies all the way across the street. But George was far less interested in the daisies than in having a front row cyber-seat to what would hopefully be his first truly successful villainous trick.

He zeroed in on his tripping trick, next door to Ms. Wutherford's house. His stomach twisted when he spied the tripwire stake poking out from between the leaves next to the sidewalk. Obviously, he had not done as good a job as he thought.

George chewed on a thumbnail and debated whether or not he'd have enough time to run across the street and fix it. Rule Number One of professional High Villainy: Don’t get caught. He turned his gaze to the north. Mike Kahn was coasting down the sidewalk on his skateboard as he did every night. Nope. George was out of time.

It was a sweet board, especially for a Regular Public Citizen, or R.P.C.’s as they were known among villains. George's board was better, with jets in the back for quick escapes if –no, when–he became a Villain-in-Training.


  1. I really like the premise and would love to see more. Please send the complete manuscript with your query letter as Word attachments to Melissa.Jeglinski (at) Knightagency (dot) net. And please put Pitch Wars Request in the subject line. All best, Melissa Jeglinski of The Knight Agency

  2. Thank you, Ms. Jeglinski! I have sent the requested documents to your email! - Amy


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