Ten Tips for Write On Con - Online Writing Conference

Whether you’re a Write On Con veteran or this will be your first time there, head on over and check it out! It’s a FREE online writing conference and it’s AMAZING. Seriously, go look at the list of speakers.

To get the most out of the conference . . .

1.  Sign up for the newsletter and the forums. You should do this before the conference even begins. You can even start posting in the forums ahead of time.

2. There are threads to post your query and first 250 words. (You can also post the first 5 pages.) This is a great chance to get feedback on your work.  If you choose to, you can edit based on comments and get additional feedback on the new versions.

3.  If you put up both a query and the first 250 words, make sure they link to each other so people can find them easily. (Of course, include the synopsis or first 5 pages if you do those too.) Because, let’s face it, when you read a great query, you want to read more!

Here’s how-

Once you have both posts up, copy the urls and paste them on Notepad or in Word. Go back and edit your posts and add something at the bottom like, “Read the first 250 words here” with a link to the post.

4.  You can add links in your signature and you should. That means people can find all of your work, whether it’s your own post or when you comment on someone else’s. You can also add your title and pitch if you’d like. Here’s a sample signature line. All of them should be links.

MG Query ~ MG First 250 ~ PB Query

Website ~ Blog ~ Twitter 

Here’s how-

Go to Forum Actions, then Edit Profile. Under My Settings on the left, choose Edit Signature.  (You’ll need those urls you copied above.)  Whenever you post or make a comment, make sure you have the box checked to insert signature.

5. Comment in the forums. It’s so much fun to read everyone’s work and you get to help them out at the same time. 

Again, make sure you link to to your query, first 250 words, and website/blog/twitter handle so people can find you and return the favor.

6. Check the schedule. There are so many great things that go on on during this conference.  Seriously. There are live chats, where you can ask questions or simply lurk, pitch opportunities, and plenty of chances to learn.

It’s all still available later if you can’t be there for it, but some things are time sensitive.

7.  Don’t forget the giveaways. They always have fantastic prizes.

8.  Want to know when and where the ninja agents are lurking? (Shhh. Top secret info.) At the bottom of the forum and the sub-forums (MG, YA, etc.) it shows who is online. Look for “Ninja Agent ______.” You can also go to Quick Links and then Who’s Online?

OR Go to Community and Member List. Find the ninja agents and go to each profile page. It will tell you their current activity, including what they’re doing at that moment. If you choose find all posts, you can see where they’ve commented.

9.  Take a few notes. This is a great opportunity to get that personal first line when you send out your query letter. Look for those tidbits from agents during chats and forum posts and let them know you learned a lot from them at Write On Con! It’s also a great way to help you find agents that might be interested in your work.

10.  Have fun! 

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You’ll find me over there as myidea, so come say hello. :)

**Stop by the Who and Where Are You at Write On Con post to leave your username for others to find you!**


  1. so excited for thi year's!

  2. Hurrahh, I loved this post last year, you have saved me the trouble of searching for it again. Catch you in the forums Dee, hurrah, can't wait, cheers Julie Grasso

  3. I love Write On Con! Last summer I met some wonderful friends and critique partners there. Last March (Luck 'O the Irish) I met my agent! And I have more than a few friends who have also signed their agent due to Write On Con events. So this year, I can't wait to make new friends and critique stuff. :)

  4. Great advice--thank you! Maybe this year I'll finally be able to get the links in my signature to work! :)


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