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Scrivener - Project Targets & Name Generator

Today we’ll focus on a couple easy to use and super-helpful features of Scrivener.

The first is Project Targets. This handy little box keeps track of both your progress within the whole project and your session progress.

Project targets

To get started, go to Project and Project Targets (Windows) or Project and Show Project Targets (Mac). From there you can adjust both your total word goal (or even change it to characters) and your session goal. Scrivener shows your progress with numbers and colored bars. You can move the box wherever you like.

You can also find your word counts by going to Project and Project Statistics.


One other place to find this info is on the bottom bar of the screen, but it depends what you have clicked in the binder. If you’ve highlighted the project folder, the total word count will be displayed. To check the word count of a chapter or scene, click on it in the binder and it will show on the bottom bar.

And then there’s the name generator. If you need a little help naming a character, go to Tools, Writing Tools, Name Generator (Windows) or Edit, Writing Tools, Name Generator (Mac).


You can adjust it with all kinds of options, including name origin, male/female, and first letter. There’s even a tab for first name meanings.

Have fun!

To learn more about Scrivener, head over to the Tools for Writers page.


  1. Great. Now I'm going to spend all morning generating names for my characters because it is SO. MUCH. FUN. Almost wish I didn't know about this:)

  2. I had no idea this name generator feature existed in Scrivener. I will definitely make use of it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for this. I can't believe all of the things you can do with Scrivener.

  4. i used to use ice hockey or football teams and complete film credits to search for names. this is great, though! does anyone know if there are additional languages that can be installed?


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