Making a Timeline with Timetoast

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Whether you need a timeline for a historical or want to keep track of time passing in your manuscript, Timetoast is a great place to do it.

It’s easy to get started. Just create a free account, go to your dashboard, and click “Add a new timeline +”.

Enter your title and upload an image if you’d like, then click “Go”. You’ll get this screen.

new timeline

Fill in the title of your timeline, and then choose a category and add an image if you’d like. Click “Go”.

You’ll see three buttons at the bottom where you can choose to add an event, add a time span, or edit the title and picture.

add event

Let’s look at adding an event. Click “Add Event” and you’ll see this . . .

New Timeline screen

Input your details and add an image if you’d like.

Once you have everything in there, this is what it will look like. (Thanks to cyoungy01 for this timeline example from Divergent)

Div timeline

Hovering over the blue dots will allow you to see each of the events.

You can also look at it as a list. To do this, choose “Text View” at the bottom. “Timeline” will switch it back to the view above.

Div timeline list

When you go back to edit it later, go to your dashboard, choose the timeline you want, and click “Edit Timeline” in the upper left-hand corner.

Or, click “Actions +” under your timeline and choose “Edit timeline”. Here you can decide if you want it to be hidden or visible on the web.


There is also a database of completed timelines if you’re looking for something specific. Maybe you need one with the history of baseball and well, there it is all ready for you. (Thanks Martiser001 for this one)


That’s it. Go have some fun with your timeline. :)


  1. This looks like fun. :-) I'd never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tool! Thank you for sharing!


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