Teen Speak – Am I Right?


A Buzzfeed post I read recently claims people Teen Speak Logo say, “Am I right, ladies?” but I can say that rarely do we ever use “ladies” at the end of that. More likely we’ll just blurt, “Am I right?” to an echo of cheers or completely blank stares.

Often, I use “Am I right?” in kind of a joking way. I’ll say it a couple times while jabbing a friend with my elbow. Wink wink, nudge nudge, get it?

As for “Can I get an amen?”…is that used? Ever? Maybe I’m not a typical teenager, because I don’t use it, but not even my friends say it, nor do my sisters’ friends (and there’s a wide variety there, since one is a sophomore in high school and the other’s an eighth grader). So in your writing, I think you’d be safer just axing that altogether.

And there you have it.

NOTE: There will ALWAYS be exceptions. My experience is simply my experience. So if teenagers around you say/don’t say these things, then by all means, go ahead and use/don’t use them if they fit in your story.

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Kate Kate Bucklein is a clumsy, nineteen-year-old writer of YA epic fantasy living in Northern Arizona, where they really do get snow and the occasional tumbleweed. She's a college sophomore working toward getting her degree in Global Affairs with an emphasis on Intelligence Analysis.

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