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Holy Lord, how I wish this weren’t a thing teenagers  actually say aloud. It’s like that horrible time when people actually said “LOL” out loud. That’s a texting acronym. It shouldn’t be said aloud, and yet people did.

Anyway, going back to hashtag, yes, people really do say this aloud. It’s become such a common thing due to social media that it’s probably natural for a lot of teenagers to say. For anyone up-to-date with social media, it’s fairly obvious what a hashtag is used for, so I don’t think I need to go into too much detail.

However, used in a sentence, it looks like this: “I nearly got into a car crash! Hashtag YOLO.”

Bonus word: YOLO. Another acronym that people really need to stop using, it stands for “You Only Live Once.” Apparently, teenagers assume it justifies doing pretty crazy things. My preference is the much more effective “YODO,” as in “You Only Die Once.” But that’s more of an inside joke. J

NOTE: There will ALWAYS be exceptions. My experience is simply my experience. So if teenagers around you say/don’t say these things, then by all means, go ahead and use/don’t use them if they fit in your story.

About the Author :

Kate Kate Bucklein is a clumsy, nineteen-year-old writer of YA epic fantasy living in Northern Arizona, where they really do get snow and the occasional tumbleweed. She's a college sophomore working toward getting her degree in Global Affairs with an emphasis on Intelligence Analysis.

Connect with Kate:@KateBucklein


  1. People actually say 'hashtag' out loud these days? Ugh, no. But I guess saying it out loud is better than that couple who named their baby Hashtag a while back. Poor child!

  2. My 30-year-old former co-worker used to say 'hashtag' out loud all the time. It was rather amusing.

    1. I honestly don't get the point of saying it out loud. I mean...just why? O.o

  3. People around me keep repeating and writing this word over and over again, but you know what ? I still have no idea what this all is about.. ^^ Maybe considering my age it's crazy and unbelievable but it's true :)

    1. It's basically like just putting a hashtag in a tweet or status. I tend to use #collegelife, #amreading, or #amwriting. It brings people to you if they're searching those tags.


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