Teen Speak - Shipping

By Kate Bucklein

Teen Speak Logo Welcome back to the world of fandoms. Shipping is an incredibly common term, one I use here and there. In fact, I recently used it after an episode of REIGN. (I have since withdrawn my ship, though, because no.)

Shipping is basically an easier way to say “I really want these two/three/+ characters to be in a relationship.” RelationSHIP = SHIP, or SHIPPING.

There are many ways to use this term, though. Some are:

· “I will go down with this ship.” = I believe in this ship so much it had better happen or I can’t even.

· “I totally ship them!” = I want these two characters to kiss and get married and have four babies and a house.

· “My ship has sunk.” = I no longer want these two characters to be together OR It is impossible for these two characters to be together any longer.

In some cases, I actually really like shipping. In other cases, I really don’t. Some fandoms become completely divided over ships, especially if they don’t work out or if the characters end up with someone completely different. All in all, shipping can get aggressive, and should definitely be approached carefully. You may go down with that ship.

About the Author :

Kate Kate Bucklein is a clumsy, nineteen-year-old writer of YA epic fantasy living in Northern Arizona, where they really do get snow and the occasional tumbleweed. She's a college sophomore working toward getting her degree in Global Affairs with an emphasis on Intelligence Analysis.

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