Pitch Wars Alternate Showcase!



Welcome to the Pitch Wars Alternate Showcase!

For those unfamiliar with Pitch Wars, it’s a contest where published/agented authors, editors, or interns chose one mentee each plus an alternate and offered critiques on how to make their work shine. Over 1,200 writers entered the Pitch Wars contest this year, and 75 were chosen for the agent round on Brenda Drake’s blog. There were tons of amazing entries!

As a special reward for waiting in the wings and working tirelessly to get their manuscripts and pitches in shape, we’ve put together this showcase and invited industry professionals to stop by and make requests. ALL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT.

**AGENTS  & EDITORS: To make requests, simply peruse the following entries and enter in the comments what you’d like sent to you. Please include submission guidelines and/or additional instructions. *Since there are several entries per post, be sure to list either the entry number or manuscript title when requesting.

**ALTERNATES: Please keep in mind, we don’t know what agents or publishers will make requests, so make sure you research each requesting agent or publisher. It is your choice whether or not you send to those requesting.  

PLEASE only agent & editor comments. All others please save your comments until they’ve had a few days to request. If you’d like to cheer on your friends, go to the Twitter hashtag #PitchWars and show your support there. Thank you!

Middle Grade
Young Adult (Contemporary, Literary)
Young Adult (Magical Realism, Sci-Fi, Contemporary Fantasy)
Young Adult (Historical Fiction, Steampunk, Mystery)
Young Adult (Fantasy)
Young Adult (Urban Fantasy, Horror, Thriller)
New Adult


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