Friends of Fizzy Auction (With lots of goodies for readers & writers!)

Every once in a while, auctions with tons of goodies for writers pop up. This is a great chance to get feedback on your work from industry professionals like authors, agents, and editors or even just bid on something fun! One of those auctions is going on right now to help out a dear friend of mine, Summer Heacock, and her wonderful family. (There are critiques, as well as books, Skype visits, and even wands!)

The Heacocks have been through a whole lot the past couple years and the writing community is going all in to support them. Click here to read her most recent (and as always, honest) post about their latest struggles.

Head over to the auction to see what the amazing Jessa Russo and Tamara Mataya have put together from so many incredible donations. All items are up for bid until Monday, November 23.

A few links to the Triada US agent/author contributions (my agency and Summer's!) . . .

Brent Taylor: 100-page Fiction Critique & 30 Minute Phone Consult 

Dr. Uwe Stender: (TWO) Query + First 30 Pages Critiques  

Dee Romito: Query + First 3 Chapters Critique - MG/YA  (Me!)

Laura Lee Anderson: 3-Pass Query Critique  

Happy bidding. :)


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