Release Day for THE BFF BUCKET LIST!

I started this blog at the very beginning of my writing journey, and as I learned about publishing, I kept little collections here—agent contests, stories of writers getting their agents, tips--and eventually I started the Query.Sign.Submit. interview series. And as it grew, I realized it wasn’t just me using all the info and inspiration anymore, it was all of you too. It was everyone who was on their own writing adventure. People started sending other writers here, listing it on their own blogs, and tweeting to come here for the info others needed. It still makes me happy whenever someone tells me that my blog helped them so much when they were going through all of their own challenges on the writing path.

And now today, after all that researching, collecting, querying, subbing, writing, and revising, my very own debut is out in the world. I cannot thank you enough for joining me for the ride and I hope that you’ll join Ella and Skyler on their adventures. Maybe even make your own bucket list, which my talented hubby makes easy for you with The Bucket List Builder over at

Happy book birthday to THE BFF BUCKET LIST and happy dreaming and bucket-listing to all the writers and readers out there!

Where you can find it . . .

Simon & Schuster * Amazon * Barnes & Noble * IndieBound * Your local bookstore!

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About the book . . .

Ella and Skylar have been best friends since kindergarten—so close that people smoosh their names together like they’re the same person: EllaandSkyler. SkylerandElla.

But Ella notices the little ways she and Skyler have been slowly drifting apart. And she’s determined to fix things with a fun project she’s sure will bring them closer together—The BFF Bucket List. Skyler is totally on board.

The girls must complete each task on the list together: things like facing their fears, hosting a fancy dinner party, and the biggest of them all—speaking actual words to their respective crushes before the end of summer. But as new friends, epic opportunities, and super-cute boys enter the picture, the challenges on the list aren’t the only ones they face.

And with each girl hiding a big secret that could threaten their entire friendship, will the list--and their BFF status--go bust?

Dee Romito - author photoAbout the author . . .

Dee Romito lives in her hometown of Buffalo, New York, where she and her family are steadily checking items off their own bucket list of adventures. You’re likely to find her at the local ice cream shop, writing at a cafĂ©, or curled up on the couch with her cats. And while she does her best to be a grown-up most of the time, giggling with her BFFs is still one of her all-time favorite things. You can visit her website at

To join the fun and create your own bucket list, visit!

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