Ten Tips for Write on Con 2017

Write On Con

Write on Con is an online writing conference and it’s INCREDIBLE. You won’t believe the resources, insider tips, and feedback available for writers. Here are ten tips to help you get started.

*(If you're not registered yet, there's still time! http://writeoncon.org/)

To get the most out of the conference . . .

1.  Follow on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for the forums. You should do this before the conference even begins. You can even start posting in the forums ahead of time. Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/WriteOnCon) Twitter (https://twitter.com/WriteOnCon)

2. Set up your profile. Once you're in the forums, go to "Profile" at the top and "Edit Profile" on the right. Fill in as much as you want, and upload a photo under "Avatar" if you want more than the generic avatar. (More below on what to put in "Signature" box under "Personal")

3. There are threads in the forum to post your query, first 250 words, and first 5 pages. This is a great chance to get feedback on your work.  If you choose to, you can edit based on comments and get additional feedback on the new versions. *If it’s not a complete ms, you can mark it as a WIP so agents/editors know. It does not have to be complete.

4. Read the "PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING" post at the top of the category. It will tell you how to format your subject line and post, and gives you some general rules.

5.  You can add links in your signature and you should. That means people can find all of your work, whether it’s your own post or when you comment on someone else’s. Because, let’s face it, when you read a great query or sample, you want to read more! You can also add your title and pitch if you’d like, or your social media links.

Here’s how- (option 1)

Once you have your posts up, copy the urls and paste them on Notepad or in Word. Go to Profile, then Edit Profile. Under Personal, add the links in the signature box. Here’s a sample signature line (obviously there would be different urls).

MG Query: http://www.writeforapples.com
MG First 250: http://www.writeforapples.com
Website: http://www.writeforapples.com
Blog: http://www.writeforapples.com

Type whatever you want linked, and put the url next to it.

Here's how - (option 2)

If you want things listed so people can simply click on them, you can embed the link in your text. For example,

YA Query ~ YA First 250 ~ YA First 5 pages 


Query ~ First 250 ~ First 5 pages 

Once you have your posts up, copy the urls and paste them on Notepad or in Word. Go to Profile, then Edit Profile. Under Personal, use the code below and replace YOUR URL HERE with your link and YOUR TEXT HERE with the text you want to link. (Adjust for however many links you need.)

[url=http://YOUR URL HERE/]YOUR TEXT HERE[/url] ~ [url=http://YOUR URL HERE//]YOUR TEXT HERE[/url] ~ [url=https:YOUR URL HERE/]YOUR TEXT HERE[/url]

Whenever you post or make a comment, your signature will appear below your post.

6. Comment in the forums and make friends! It’s so much fun to read everyone’s work and you get to help out other writers at the same time. Again, make sure you link to to your query, first 250 words, first 5 pages, and website/blog/twitter handle so people can find you and return the favor.

If you want to follow someone, click on his/her name and click "Follow" over on the right on the profile page.

7. Find a critique partner. There's a place in the forums called "Critique Partner Connection." Post your own info or respond to other posts to connect. Or if there's a query or sample you love that you'd like to read more of, you can always message that person and ask if he/she is looking for a critique partner. (Keep in mind that some people are all set with critique partners, so don't be offended if they say no thank you.)

8. Check the schedule. There are so many great things that go on on during this conference.  Seriously. In the past they’ve had live chats, where you can ask questions or simply lurk, informative blog posts, and plenty of chances to learn.

If you signed up for the extended registration, it'll all still be available later if you can’t be there for it.

9.  Take a few notes. This is a great opportunity to get that personal first line when you send out your query letter. Look for those tidbits from agents during chats and forum posts and let them know you learned a lot from them at Write On Con! It’s also a good way to help you find agents that might be interested in your work.

10.  Have fun!

You’ll find me over there as Dee. Come say hello. :)


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