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BestNightEver_cvr[2745]“This eventful middle school dance is told from seven points of view by seven different writers. Under Malone’s editorship, they pull it off with seamless chemistry and strong character building. A fun, fresh take on a classic theme.” – Kirkus

”Readers will laugh as they learn of the misgivings, revenge, and eye-opening revelations that ensue. VERDICT Tweens interested in funny friendship drama will eat this one up.” - School Library Journal

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Writing BEST. NIGHT. EVER. with middle school photossix friends required some reminiscing about our own middle school dance memories . . .


IMG_9481I loved middle school dances. It was something fun to do with friends, and there was always a plan to go out to eat after or sleepover at someone’s house. There weren’t as many shenanigans as there are in BEST. NIGHT. EVER., but there certainly was always drama. I’m not sure why these two moments in particular stand out, but what I remember most is dancing with a boy I liked (you know, like-liked) and singing “I’ll Be There for You” with my friends in the middle of the dance floor. Because maybe I didn’t end up with that boy, but I certainly found one I love to dance with. And my friends . . . well they’ve always been, and still are, there for me. <3


My first dance was in eighth grade, and I rachele alpine author pichad been looking forward to it for weeks.  I chose the perfect hairstyle, outfit, purse, and even got some makeup that I was going to wear for the first time.  Newsflash..trying out new make-up for the first time and making a major fashion shift might not be a good idea for a middle school dance!  I still bust out laughing when I think about all the make-up I caked on my face and the outfit I wore.  I planned it out a week in advance and laid pieces of it on my bed as it all came together.  It consisted of jean shorts worn over black tights, a flannel shirt that I borrowed from my grandpa (FYI...I was 5’4, my grandpa was 6’5), a black belt that went around the shirt, white sneakers, and a black cowboy-like hat.  Uhm, yeah, I’m not sure what I was thinking!  My friends all showed up in jeans and tee-shirts, but I remember walking into the dance and owning that outfit, every last crazy bit of it! 


I remember being invited to a “sock hop” in the school gym in Stephanie Farisfifth grade and thinking that meant we’d be hopping around in our socks. Instead, it was a fun dance with 50s music. We couldn’t summon a poodle skirt on command, so we had to settle for rolling up my jeans and wearing my stepdad’s Oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up. From fifth grade on, I loved everything 1950s and even worked at a 50s diner in college. I’m pretty sure my love for all things 50s started with that sock hop!

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