#WeConnect: Connecting Readers With Writers

imageThe #WeConnect program began at Arrowhead Elementary School in Virginia Beach, Virginia in October of 2018. It began as an effort by Library Media Specialist Kellee Kraft to motivate students in the areas of reading and writing. A simple Twitter request turned a small idea into a huge program that continues to grow every day. The tweet asked for authors willing to commit to responding to students with a personal imageletter when students read their book and wrote a letter to them. In just 2 days, over 100 authors had responded that they are interested, and many even sent autographed copies of their book. Authors and books even came from as far as Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

imageHow Does It Work? The books are displayed in a special place in the library and labeled with #WeConnect stickers. Students read the book and then write the letter. They return the letter and book to the library where they receive an envelope, and it is addressed imageand mailed by LMS Kellee Kraft. When the students receive their letter back from the author, they find the city of the author on the U.S. map or World map and mark it with a ribbon and picture of the book cover. Of course, all of this is also shared on Twitter.

imageHow can you participate? It’s easy! Just send us an email, tweet, or phone call to let us know you are interested and give us the address to send the letters to. (Don’t worry, this address is kept confidential…even the kids don’t see it unless you share it on your return letter.) Because of our limitedimage budget, it is extremely helpful and appreciated if you want to donate a copy of your book(s), but this is not a requirement. After that, the only responsibility you have is to respond as promptly as possible to any letters you receive.


Need more information? Contact me at any of the following:

Mrs. Kellee Kraft (757)648-2059

Email: kdkraft@vbschools.com

Twitter: Arrowhead_Lib

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