The Simple Things

It really is the simple things in life that are so special. 

After breakfast this morning, my little sweetheart decided to balance her sippy cup on her head.  She had the biggest smile on her face when she accomplished this amazing feat. 

sippy cup

Sometimes, we have to take a step back and remember that our successes don’t always have to be big ones.  Me, hey, I’m just happy when I get through a whole day without spilling anything or without smashing a leg into something that will surely leave a bruise.

Have a great day.



  1. So where is her smile? You got the balanced up, but not the smile...

  2. @slehan Ha ha, I know. I decided not to put pictures of my kids up on the blog, so it was my only option. It's a super sweet smile though. :)

  3. I know that smile and can attest to how sweet it is. :)


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