A Bit Out of Order


We've all watched reruns, in whatever order they happen to be on TV.  If you watched all seven seasons of Melrose Place (though few of us will admit it), you can probably jump right in and figure out what's going on in any given episode.  Whether you were a Seinfeld fan from the beginning, or you simply know the characters, any episode from one to 180 will have you laughing.  Does that same ring true for a movie series?

When it came to deciding what order of Star Wars we'd show our son, we were divided between the way we watched it (4,5,6 then 1,2,3) and chronological order (1-6). 

Turns out it wouldn't be either.


When our son started getting interested in Star Wars, we weren't sure he was ready for the movies.  So instead, he asked Daddy to tell him the whole story and then proceeded to ask A LOT of questions.  Why did Anakin become bad?  Who trained Obi-Wan? What is the Dark Side?

As fate would have it, Episode One, The Phantom Menace, recently came out in the theaters in 3-D, so we took him to see it, twice!  He was ready to watch the next one, but I wasn't convinced that two and three were appropriate just yet.  So he watched Episode Four, A New Hope.  (Movie one for us old timers out there.)  Number five seemed like a bit too much, so we let him move on to Episode Six, my favorite, Return of the Jedi.

For those keeping track, that crazy order is Episode One, Four, and Six.  Hmm, that wasn't in the original plan.  But, it turns out he didn't care much, because he knew the story, the characters, the beginning and the end.  He jumped right in and it worked out fine. 

How would you show a youngster the Star Wars movies?


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