Writing Links Were Made for Sharing



These are some of my favorite writing links, which are only a handful of the resources out there.  I hope it helps guide you on your road to success!


. . . Twitter . . .

*A list of agents by @RachelleGardner

*A list of agents by @NathanBransford

*There is also a list of agents with twitter accounts available on Query Tracker if you are a premium member.  It’s under “Agent Reports” and “Agent Blog Roll.”

. . . Blogs . . .

Literary Rambles has “Agent Spotlights” and is full of useful info.  There is also a list of “Agent Blogs” on the right hand side.

Rachelle Gardner’s site it fantastic and she even has an agent blog roll.

Vonna Carter keeps a running list of conferences, along with which agents and editors are on the faculty for each one.

Kate Brauning has a great list of agent blogs and sites with agent interviews.

. . . Websites . . .

These are helpful for researching agents, browsing resources, and keeping track of your submissions.

Query Tracker

Agent Query

Publishers Marketplace



. . . Twitter . . .

@elissacruz has a big list of middle grade writers called MG People.

There are plenty of writers to follow on Twitter.  Do a quick search with keywords like writer, author, or kidlit.

. . . Blogs . . .

Literary Rambles- Again, I’m going to refer you to this super informative blog to learn more about agents, find agent and editor blogs, and to check out writing resources and links to other writing sites.

Writers Helping Writers- A lot of great info from the authors of the Emotion Thesaurus. 

Fiction University- This site has super helpful articles on writing fiction.

. . . Websites . . .

SCBWI Blueboards- If you write for children and you’re looking for a super helpful and supportive forum, then this is the place to be!

Absolute Write Water Cooler- This is a forum for all writers.  A great place to search for answers to all your burning questions.

The Purple Crayon has a ton of information for writing, illustrating, and publishing children's books.

Savvy Authors has a big variety of online workshops to choose from.  It’s not very expensive, especially if you’re a premium member, and you can work at your own pace.  Feedback from instructors is really helpful.

Grammar Girl has a very simple way of explaining the often complicated rules of grammar.  And she’s fun too.

Good luck!



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