Writing Workshops

One of my favorite writing resources is a handy little website called Savvy Authors.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the perfect time.  You’ll find plenty of interesting classes, with some starting next week.


If you’re a premium member ($30/year), classes are often as low as $10-15.  If you’re not a premium member, they’re still only $20-25.  They run for different lengths and are conducted using forums.  The instructor posts a lesson and assignment, you work on it at your own pace and post your work, and then the instructor gives feedback.


It has been extremely helpful to me and I love that I can immediately apply the lessons to my own writing.  Here are just a few of the course titles coming up . . .

Blending Emotional Arcs and Conflict


And Then What Happened--Constructing Scenes and Sequels That Keep Your Story Moving

Ground Breaking - A Different Sort of Worldbuilding and Character Development

Social Media for Writers

Sound interesting?  Get the complete list here!


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