SCBWI Conference and a Tweetup!

This year’s Northern Ohio SCBWI conference was amazing!  Not only were the presenters and speakers knowledgeable and inspiring, but the information, tips, and ideas they shared were so helpful.  A big thank you to Vicki Selvaggio and her board who do an incredible job!

And of course, one of the best parts of this conference was meeting so many of my twitter peeps in person and making some new writer friends!
  IMG_2586 Friday at dinner after Tina Wexler’s keynote speech.  Triona, Dee, Jen, & Lucas.

A little bit about some of the presenters . . .

Cinda Williams Chima- This lady knows her stuff and her intensive really got us all thinking.  We left with new perspectives and lots of great notes.

Dandi Mackall- What a treasure!  I loved hearing about her interesting life and how she incorporates her experiences into her stories.  Her personality makes you smile the instant she walks in the room.

Tina Wexler and Quinlan Lee- Both of their talks were full of good info and they spent plenty of time chatting with attendees.  Add them to your query list!

Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton- Alright, she wasn’t actually a presenter, but from the moment she came and traded rolls with our table, she drew me in.  What a fun and talented lady!

And then of course, there’s our Tweetup.  Chatting with all of these incredibly talented people on a daily basis has been fun, inspiring, and entertaining.  I absolutely loved meeting them in person and hearing their stories.  Plus, I came home with a signed copy of Lindsay Ward’s adorable When Blue Met Egg


Our twitter peeps, from left to right (back row) Kellie, Stephanie, Christina, Jen, Triona, (front row) Dee, Lucas, MeganNot pictured: Holly VanDyne, Heather Kinsey Price, Lindsay Ward, Cindy Gulley. Click the names for twitter pages!

And a very special thank you to Jen, Triona, and Lucas for all the ideas we bounced back and forth throughout the weekend.  Getting to know you and your writing was priceless.  And Lucas, if you ever write a memoir, I’m not sure anyone will believe it.   
Winking smileIMG_2598

Triona and I, very tired, after a late night brainstorming session with Lucas.  How did it get to be one in the morning?!  And Lucas, what is Tara’s secret?!


  1. Conferences are so invigorating, and then there is the bonus to meet up with your writer friends in person! That sounds like an amazing weekend. I'm looking forward to the IL one in November.

  2. Sounds like fun! I haven't been to a conference in almost 2 years. Use that energy and get back to writing!

  3. It was GREAT meeting new writer friends. *waves*

  4. Awww. Love the photo of you all! Looking forward to a SCBWI retreat in two weekends. I'll be sure to post a recap. Thanks for the write up, Dee.

  5. Sounds like it was a great time. Looking forward to ours in WI in mid-Oct.


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