Hook, Line, & Sinker Wrap Up

That’s all, folks!


It has been such an intense couple of weeks, but we can now officially declare the Hook, Line and Sinker contest a SUCCESS! (And yes, over.)  EVERY SINGLE ENTRY had at least one request, on all three blogs.  Seriously, how awesome is that?

50 Round Three Contestants and 12 Agents

Total Requests- MG – 29 , YA – 37 , Adult – 33, Overall – 99!!!

MC900384154We were so thrilled with the caliber of submissions and you made it very tough to narrow them down.  During the contest, much SQUEEing, panicking, and even SIGNING ensued as the participating agents showed their love across the board.


A lot of planning went into this contest and over 800 emails were exchanged between the co-hosts.  Good thing we love the heck out of each other.  :)

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated: our amazing agents who gave so generously of their time, amazing writers who took a chance and put their work out there, and my amazing co-hosts who are two super fun people to work with.  (Don’t let Kat’s “evil one” label fool you!)  And a special shout out to Elaine Vickers whose tweet that Fizzy and I should run a contest sparked the whole idea.  And to Kat for jumping in to run it with us!

Our secret fourth judge will be revealed in a couple of days in an interview where he will talk about pitching, choosing entries, and his other general thoughts of awesomeness!

We hope you gained something from the contest, whether it was helpful feedback, agent requests, or connecting with other writers.  And remember that contests aren’t just for winning.  (Watch for an upcoming post on that topic.)  Keep chatting on the #HLandS hashtag to stay connected if you’d like.  The three of us will still be around to chat too!

So now all that’s left is to declare it OPEN SEASON on the comments! This means that anyone can comment, whether it’s to add your constructive feedback on the entries, or for agents who weren’t a part of the #HLandS line-up to make their requests. And as always, positive comments only.  We’re a supportive bunch around here.  Go ahead, don’t be shy now… 


  1. It was such a great contest! Thanks for putting in so much work!

  2. It was such a fun contest - thank you again for hosting!

  3. What an amazing request rate! So glad for all who were involved!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting this contest! It helped me tighten up my "hook".

  5. This was amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work, Dee (and Summer and Kat.) Eight hundred emails? Yowzas!! Thanks for giving so generously of your time.

  6. Thanks for the shout-out! :) Every aspect of this contest was so professional, so fun, and so positive. You guys are amazing!

  7. That request rate is outstanding. Best wishes for great client/agent matchups!


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