MG Entry #14 – Pointy-Eared Freak

Name: Kristen Hansen Brakeman
Title: Pointy-Eared Freak
Genre: MG Humorous Fantasy
Word count: 36,000


Wanna-be Goth Natalie buries herself in fantasy novels as a way of dealing with her inattentive guardian, Aunt Kelly. But when her ears suddenly turn pointy and two Elfin Collectors arrive with news of her recessive elfin gene, she doesn't know what to do. After all, fantasizing about magical worlds is one thing, actually going to one is quite another.


If you are cut from the Academy, you will need to pack your bags and leave immediately, living the rest of your lives in shame and humiliation!


Walk fast and keep your eyes on the page. That’s what I tell myself whenever I pass by Blake and the jerks he hangs out with. I stare at my Percy Jackson book, walk really quickly, and hope he chooses someone else to pick on today

Luckily my plan works. But now, because of those annoying boys, I’ll end up getting to music class early. I dread that music class. Why? Two words: Mr. Pratt. Even though we’re in sixth grade now, he treats us like babies and makes us sing the same songs we sang in kindergarten. Then there’s the hand moves - the embarrassing, mortifying, hand moves.

“Shake your fingers and reach for the stars, people,” he likes to say.

Really? Will we catch them Mr. Pratt? I don’t think so. Maybe if you had spent a little more time reading science books instead of banging on that silly tambourine, you’d realize how ridiculous you sound. I’d like to tell him this, but of course I don’t. Instead I try to blend in so he won’t single me out for a solo.

Alicia doesn’t know how to blend in . . . at . . all. Maybe if she did the boys wouldn’t have chosen her for their target. Alicia just started at Bridges Prep this fall. She’s looks and
dresses like she’s eight. Today she wore a furry panda hat to school. What was she thinking? Maybe those goofy animal hats were okay at her old school, but not here in L.A.

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  1. Hi, Kristen!
    I liked the humor in your entry and the theme of fitting in. Everything from the title to the voice shows me this is a story about a kid who worries about being different. You can't get more different than pointy ears! I'm intrigued by your Hook and I'd like to see more. Please send me the first 50 pages and a synopsis. Please note in the subject line that the material is "Requested." My email is amanda(at)doecooveragency(dot)com. Thank you. I look forward to reading your work.
    Amanda Lewis, Agent
    The Doe Coover Agency

  2. Need. To. See. More. Please. Send.
    Please paste into the body of your email: your cover letter, synopsis and first three chapters, and send to: Submissions(at)akaliteraryllc(dot)com. In the subject heading please state: HL&S - Requested by Terrie - with your entry number.



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