MG Entry #7 - Discovering Isaac

Name: Elaine Vickers
Title: Discovering Isaac Genre: MG Contemporary
Word Count: 45,000


Eleven-year-old Isaac Sanchez didn’t know what to expect when his deadbeat mom came back, but it definitely wasn’t this: a secret code, a new best friend, and a strange connection to the greatest scientist of all time. Isaac’s experiments sometimes end in disaster, but he may discover what he was looking for all along: his own place in the universe.


There were only two cool parts about those field trips: looking down the amazing wall of concrete that holds back the Colorado River, and being able to say things like “This is the best dam field trip ever!” or “When is this dam tour going to end?” without getting in trouble.

Isaac Newton: “For the natural days are truly unequal, though they are commonly considered as equal, and used for a measure of time…”
Isaac Sanchez: Every day has 24 hours, but that doesn’t mean they’re equal. Sometimes, your whole universe can change in just 24 hours.

It all started with baseball.

I hated baseball.

I would’ve rather yanked out my own nose hairs one by one in front of the whole sixth grade wearing only yesterday’s underwear than play a baseball game. But every year, my grandma made me play, and my whole summer was ruined by never-ending little league. The worst thing about torture is that it’s not optional.

So there I was, an hour before the first pitch of the season, willing to give up my whole life savings (four dollars) if I could just find my mitt. Without it, I couldn’t even hide or protect one little part of my body.

I put my forehead on the glass and stared out the window at the cactus clumps and pinkish rocks that people called landscaping in Arizona. I pushed my lips together to keep from saying it out loud.

I hate baseball.
I hated the cold fear that snaked through my body because I was scared of being hit by every single pitch. I hated the fact that I had to special-order my uniform every year because Sports Den didn’t stock extra smalls.

I was the fastest kid on the team, and there was nothing that made me feel better than running until my legs and lungs burned, until anybody chasing me was just chewing my dust.

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  1. Hi, Elaine!
    This is an appealing entry. I like the parallels you've set up between your hero and Sir Isaac Newton. I can see from the Hook that this is realistic fiction with some fun elements (secret code, best friends) and real heart ("find his own place in the Universe"). Very nice. I like the humor in the Line. And the Sinker starts really well and gives me a sense of the story's voice. All good. I'd be interested in seeing your first 50 pages and a synopsis. Please send them to: amanda(at)doecooveragency(dot)com. Please note in the subject line that the work is requested. Thanks! I look forward to reading DISCOVERING ISAAC.
    Amanda Lewis, Agent
    The Doe Coover Agency

  2. Hi Elaine! I love the voice here and would love to know more about this character. Like Amanda, I really like the fun, mysterious premise that also reveals a warm, coming-of-age story. Can you please send the full manuscript? Send to, paste a query letter in the body of the email, and attach the full as a Word .doc. Please put HLandS in the subject line. Thanks!!

  3. Dear Elaine,
    Loved this! Isaac's voice jumps off the page, I like him already and I instantly want to know more about him. Would you send the full manuscript to me at susan(at)thebentagency(dot)com, attach as a word doc, and put HLS Request in the subject line.

    Thanks, I can't wait to read more! Susan

  4. What a guy, he feels like someone I'd like to get to know better.
    May I?
    Please paste into the body of your email: your cover letter, synopsis and first three chapters, and send to: Submissions(at)akaliteraryllc(dot)com. In the subject heading please state: HL&S - Requested by Terrie - with your entry number.

    Many thanks,


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