Time to Go Trick or Treating!

It's time to go trick or treating! Can we get our bags filled with treats?


Trick or Treat entrants, thank you joining the fun!  We received such quality entries that choosing our top 36 was very difficult.  We’ve tried to give our participating agents some great choices based on their wish lists and we’re hoping to see lots of incredible matches made this week.

Congratulations to our finalists and good luck!




* * * Reminders * * *

ONLY PARTICIPATING AGENTS MAY COMMENT IN THIS ROUND. We want our awesome costumed agents to be able to read through the entries with ease.

Agents will request "candy" in the comment section. Any kind of sugar candy (Skittles, Starbursts, etc) means you've gotten a partial request and chocolate candy (Snickers, M&Ms, etc) means you've gotten a full manuscript request. Agents can comment on as many entries as they like. AND multiple agents can request on the same pitch, so you might find your bag full of treats!

Costumed agents will be revealed at 6PM EDT on October 31st.

Anyone who receives candy, should email into trickortreatwithanagent@gmail.com for further submission instructions. You will then receive an email with the correct submission guidelines to follow. DO NOT contact the agent without getting the guidelines first. (not that you really can since they're in costume)

If you are another agent who has stumbled upon this contest, you are welcome to take a look at the amazing entries. We just ask that you wait until the contest has ended to make requests, after midnight on October 31st.

If you want to tweet about the contest, use the hashtag #AgentTreat And be sure to follow @brendadrake @kpchase817 @writeforapples

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  1. Yikes, thanks for the opportunity! You, Kim, and Brenda are awesome!


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