Trick or Treat Agents Revealed!

JEM, our 80's pink-haired rock star, is . . .

Brittany Howard with
the Corvisiero LiteraryAgency.


Our black and white Harlequin masked agent is . . .

Ammi-Joan Paquette with
the Erin Murphy Literary Agency.

The Gryffindor clad Hermione Granger is none other than . . .

Jordy Albert with the Corvisiero Literary Agency.


Batman, our comic hero, is . . .
Thao Le with


The Jabberwocky, our scariest costume, is . . .
Ali McDonald with The Right's Factory.
Now, let's give a big thank you to our five fabulous agents, without whom this contest would never have happened. Thank you all for your participation and for picking such great costumes!

Happy Halloween!

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