Trick or Treat #D11 – Going Home Again

Title: Going Home Again
Category: Adult
Genre: Cont​emporary Romance
Word Count: 82,0​00

Pitch: For Alyssa Jones, Michael Day was the untouchable guy she pined for in high school but couldn't get to notice her--especially after he became a world-famous pop star. Twenty years later when Michael is back home to escape his floundering marriage, no one's more surprised than Alyssa when sparks fly between them. Now with a relationship on the line and plenty at stake, Alyssa and Michael are left questioning everything they thought they knew about life, and love.

Question 1: In your MC's voice, what costume character do you relate most to and why?

I don't know if this counts, but the costumed character I most identify with is Hester from "The Scarlet Letter." I know it's the 21st century, but I still feel as if I, too, should wear a scarlet "A" on all my clothing for even considering getting into a relationship with a married man (even if he is "on a break" from his wife... and really hot).

Question 2: As an author, what makes your manuscript a tasty treat (aka marketable/unique)?

What makes my manuscript a treat is that most women can probably identify with Alyssa, and the thought of "what would happen if I got another chance with that guy from high school?" It's a romance with a few laughs thrown in-- a sweet read with zero calories or guilt.

First 200 Words:

One Tuesday morning, I got a call I never expected. A call that, for the past twenty years, I may have secretly hoped for.

A familiar voice buzzed over the loudspeaker on my phone. “Alyssa?”

“Yes?”I replied, not looking away from my computer screen. Had Rebecca even started this piece about beach erosion? She usually procrastinated. I scribbled a note to myself to light a fire under her ass.

“There’s a Mr. Johnson on line two for you. Says he has a great story for the magazine. He’s a talent agent from New York.”

An annoyed sigh escaped my lips. “Thanks, Mary.”

There was always an agent or producer trying to get us excited about some low-budget cheese ball TV series or movie being filmed down here in Wilmington, North Carolina. Since Dawson’s Creek, the floodgates had been opened for Wilmington and the surrounding beaches, like Wrightsville, where I worked. Thanks, Van Der Beek.

I picked up my phone. "Wrightsville Magazine, Alyssa Jones speaking."

“Hi, Ms. Jones and how are you today?” answered a bright voice.

“I’m just great and how are you?” Could we skip the pleasantries and get on with it?I work under deadlines, dude.I drummed my pen impatiently on my desktop.


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