Trick or Treat #D12 – The Only Infinite

Title: The Only Infinite
Category: MG
Genre: SciFi
Word Count: 8​0,000

Pitch: When Lena accepts a scholarship to a new school, she never suspects it is located miles underground and filled with awesome gadgets. She also doesn’t realize the most powerful technology in the place is already hanging around her neck – but her headmaster does. THE INFINITY PENDANT drops a normal girl into a wonderland of scientific marvels, including one so dangerous it could wipe out everyone on the planet’s surface.

Question 1: In your MC's voice, what costume character do you relate most to and why?

Probably Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, except my friend, Rex, has twice the normal amount of brains and the handsome woodcutter in my life (okay, rival Gravitron player) doesn’t need a heart – because he’s already stolen mine! Also, instead of dodging a wicked witch who’s after my shoes, I’ve got a militant organization after my entire planet.

Question 2: As an author, what makes your manuscript a tasty treat (aka marketable/unique)?

THE ONLY INFINITE strands Lena between two worlds: the little beach house she’s always called home, where her mom and brother await her return, and her new underground school filled with friends she’s come to love. Saving the first might mean giving up the second forever – and possibly getting conquered along with everyone else on the planet’s surface.

First 200 Words:

When the Eiffel Tower vanished, Lena Rush was in a tree house in Jupiter, Florida. More specifically, she was in the burning wreckage of what had been a tree house before it had… well, exploded.

It was too bad, really. She and her little brother, Zac, had only discovered the wooden shack a few months before, snared in the branches of an ancient oak. The wobbly boards leading up to it had threatened broken bones to anyone stupid enough to try them, but Lena knew if she didn’t go Zac would. And she wasn’t about to be outdone by a ten-year-old.

Together, they’d cleared out some old birds’ nests and patched the roof with duct tape. By the end, it wasn’t pretty, but it didn’t leak. And the window hacked into one side offered a killer view of the ocean, which set Lena’s surfer heart singing with each pulsing wave.

The place was almost nice until Zac stuffed it full with salvaged motherboards, needle nose pliers, and radios with wires sticking out the back. Sometimes, it sucked having a genius for a brother, but in this case Lena didn’t mind. At least, she didn’t mind as soon as he coaxed a TV into life by hooking it to an old car battery.


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