We’re Hooked! Going Through to Round Two . . .

Well folks, it’s official – we’re hooked! We had so many fantastic entries in all three categories, and had a really tough time choosing the 20 Middle Grade entries to go through into Round Two. But here they are!


Congratulations to:

Andrea Mack- The Ethan Project
Marcy Blesy- Confessions of a Cornhead
Utsav Mukherjee- Averagely Extraordinary
Kristen Hansen Brakeman- Pointy Eared Freak
Jayme Woods- Double-Crossed
Faith E. Hough- Cirque
Elaine Vickers- Discovering Isaac
Manju B. Howard- Triple B
Lori Tays Eastep- Chronicity
Andrea Fitcha McAllister- The Corndog Wishes
Heather Harris-Brady- The Mis(s)fits: All that Glitters

Laurie Litwin- Lilly Washington’s Presidential Adventure
Ace Hansen- Julius Caesar Brown and the Green Gas Mystery
Emily Cushing- Race to Butch Cassidy’s Gold
Jimmy Juliano- The Classified Journal of a Hall Monitor
Suzanne R. Klein- Shadow of a Crescent Moon
Ashley Keene- Alex Daily: Sometimes Superhero
Dale S. Rogers- The Quest for Monte Vista
Gail Nall- Ex-Drama Queen
Matt Eardley- The Town of Sleep

*These are in addition to the 5 free pass winners announced October 12th.

You can also check out the YA and Adult winners going through to Round Two.  (Click YA or Adult above for the links.)

Thank you to everyone who entered!  And another thank you to our Secret 4th Judge for helping to make the picks!

If you’re on the list, please email your hook, line AND sinker (first 250 words of your manuscript) to:


Replace [at] with @ and [dot] with . and use the following subject line: genre & subgenre - TITLE. Example: YA Contemporary- WITH A WIGGLE OF HER PEN

Entry must be received by 12 PM EDT on Thursday, October 18th.

*Your entry must include the following in the body of the email: Name, title, genre & subgenre, word count, e-mail, hook, line, & sinker. Please make sure your formatting is correct when you send it.


Name: Autumn Peacock
Title: With a Wiggle of Her Pen
Genre: YA Contemporary
Word count: 75,000
Email: AutumnPeacock[at]gmail[dot]com

Hook: One to three sentences pitching your story- the choice is yours. Maximum word count of 60. (Sentence one. Sentence two. Sentence three. Lines on the screen don't matter.) You can fix typos, but please don’t make any significant changes to the wording (as in, more than one or two words).

Line: Your favorite line in the manuscript. First, last, smack dab in the middle? It's up to you. Choose something that showcases your writing. *One sentence only. Use your best judgment and please don't try to combine sentences to fit more in. Again, you can fix typos, but please don’t make any significant changes to the wording (as in, more than one or two words).

Sinker: First 250 words of the manuscript. (If it lands in the middle of a sentence, please include the whole sentence.)


  1. Congratulations winners!!! Good luck and happy fishing, agents!

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  3. Also, April Wall seems to be on this list AND is one of the free pass winners, even though it says that this list is in addition to the free pass winners. I just want to make sure someone didn't miss out on a spot!! :D

  4. Congrats to the winners! So exciting!! :D

  5. Thanks for putting me through! Congratulations to the other 19, and I can't wait to read all the "sinkers"!

  6. Congrats to the winners! I love seeing some friends' names here -- and some of those book titles are WOW!

  7. Congrats to everyone advancing!
    Good luck

  8. Thank you so much for doing this contest. I am so excited to be moving on to round 2. Good luck to everyone!

  9. Yahooooo! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Craving delicious sinkers now. Must be patient. ***taps foot***

  10. AHH!! Thank you so much for putting me through. I can’t wait to read everyone else’s sinkers. :D

  11. Thank you secret judges and wonderful writes who left great comments!

  12. Congratulations round two writers!! Nice seeing a couple from our MGbetareaders group --Go * Rah-Rah-Go*

  13. Good luck to all Round 2 writers!


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