ALT D-1: The Lost Figurehead

NAME:  Samantha Farkas
MENTOR:  Deanna Romito
GENRE:  MG Adventure
WORD COUNT:  56,000


Tough-talking twelve-year-old Finn Rackham figures he can handle anything, even pirates.  But these aren't the treasure-hunting rapscallions he expects; they're time travelers, and they just commandeered a ferry in New York Harbor.


Trust Finn Rackham to make a mess of things.

Not that he regretted it.  Not that it was even his fault, really.  What was he supposed to do?  Bobby Leland, the pompous brat, had opened that big ugly mouth of his, and Finn had reacted accordingly: with a few well-aimed punches, straight to the jaw.  Sure showed him who was “good-for-nothing,” all right.

“—ungrateful twerp.  We take you in and this is how you thank us.  Disgusting!”

From the driver's side, Mr. Leland was still yelling, but Finn wasn't listening.  Instead he stared out the window.  There wasn't much to see: it was late, and this part of Brooklyn was dark.

“I should have known.  That's what you get when good, law-abiding citizens try to clean up the streets.  No wonder the jails are overcrowded.  There's no helping you people, is there?”

All right, so maybe he was listening.  Finn balled his hands into fists.  Shut up, shut up, shut up.

The car jerked to a stop in front of a little brick building.  Mr. Leland leapt out, moving awfully fast for a man his size, and threw open the passenger door.  Finn tried to duck under his arm, but Mr. Leland caught him by the ear, only to drag him up the path to St. Magnus's Home for Children.

“I can walk.  Geez.”  Finn pulled away, darting inside before Mr. Leland could give him a shove.


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