ALT D-2: The Transparents

NAME: Vicki Tremper
MENTOR: Deanna Romito
TITLE: The Transparents
GENRE: MG Magical Mystery
WORD COUNT: 37,000


When eleven-year-old Daniel’s sneeze ignites his invisibility, he accepts the role of super sleuth to clear his annoyingly popular brother in a string of burglaries. But there’s a dark family secret even Daniel can’t see.


Sometimes I wish I could disappear like my hero, Houdini. You know, get myself out of dangerous situations and tight spots. Today is one of those days.

I’m slumped down so low, my nose practically touches my desk. I try to mentally convince Ms. Lopez I’m not here and to pick someone else.

You do not see me. You will walk right past me. I am not the volunteer you seek.

Her piercing black eyes pin me to my spot. Don’t get me wrong. Normally, I like Ms. Lopez’s eyes. Normally, I love when she says my name. Just not when she’s looking for volunteers.

A sneeze begins to build in my nose, which would be the absolute worst. Ms. Lopez needs to forget my existence until she finds her victim—I mean, volunteer. She won’t be able to ignore me if I sneeze. I might as well stand up and wave my arms around.

I’m not here. I’m a speck of dust in the corner of your vision. Choose someone else.

I really don’t want to solve the math problem she wrote on the whiteboard. I’m okay at math. Just like I’m okay at English, and okay at Social Studies, and okay at Science. Which is better than being sucky at Gym.

If only I were more like Houdini. They’d call me Daniel-dini. Or Daniel-ini. Or something. He could escape any situation, thrill a crowd, and stroll into and out of danger without messing a single strand of hair.


  1. Hi Vicki, I'd like to see a query, synopsis, and first 50 pages. Please email me at rachel.queries {at} and please put "REQUESTED-PITCH WARS" in the subject line. Thanks!

  2. I love the pitch. This seems like a super cool plot! Best of luck!


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