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These terms are on the way out, I think, butTeen Speak Logo occasionally I still use them because…well, because they’re easier, I guess. 

The first word I want to discuss is “fam.” In short, it stands for “family.” I use this because the little voice in my head is lazy and so are my fingers. I don’t say it aloud, though, mind you.

In a sentence, it could look like: “I can’t hang out tonight. The fam is going out to dinner.”

Another familial term is “’rents.” In my opinion, this is also on the way out. It stands for “parents,” so if you hear someone say “The ’rents said I can’t go out tonight,” they’re saying that their parents won’t let them go out. (I think that’s fairly obvious, though.J)

Again, to reiterate my point, I never use these words aloud because my tongue has yet to get that lazy. But I’m sure many teenagers do.

NOTE: There will ALWAYS be exceptions. My experience is simply my experience. So if teenagers around you say/don’t say these things, then by all means, go ahead and use/don’t use them if they fit in your story.

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Kate Kate Bucklein is a clumsy, nineteen-year-old writer of YA epic fantasy living in Northern Arizona, where they really do get snow and the occasional tumbleweed. She's a college sophomore working toward getting her degree in Global Affairs with an emphasis on Intelligence Analysis.

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