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Teen Speak Logo Now this is definitely a phrase I hear quite often, because I can’t even. I mean, it makes complete sense, right? Sometimes, there are just no words to describe what you’re trying to get across, hence why you simply blurt, “I can’t even.”

It’s definitely used when it comes to fandoms. According to the Buzzfeed post, teenagers use it when it comes to talking about swim practice after school and studying for a math test. In my experience, this would wind up with someone dropping a few f-bombs or some such swear word, not “I can’t even.”

In my experience, “I can’t even” is primarily used when extremely happy or sad about something, particularly characters in movies, TV shows, or books. For example, in recent Supernatural episodes, things haven’t been all that peachy for all the characters. At risk of spoilers, I won’t explain further, but let me just end with saying that I’ve said, “I can’t even” about a few of the poorer decisions Dean and Sam have made.

Does that make sense? More often than not, “I can’t even” is a sentence in and of itself.

NOTE: There will ALWAYS be exceptions. My experience is simply my experience. So if teenagers around you say/don’t say these things, then by all means, go ahead and use/don’t use them if they fit in your story.

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