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Hillary is a chapter book and middle grade author. Her latest middle grade book, Apple Pie Promises, is now available from Sky Pony, and her new Ellie May chapter book series is now available from Charlesbridge. Hillary is represented by Victoria Wells Arms in association with Hannigan Salky Getzler (HSG).

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What advice would you give to querying writers?
My advice is to not to query too many agents as once. Do it in small batches. When I was querying, sometimes I would get a “no, but I really like your writing” sort of response and the agent would include a nugget of wisdom that helped me to strengthen the manuscript. After I implemented the advice, when I re-queried, the story was in better shape.


How did you know your agent was the right one for you?
I really loved the books that my agent, Victoria Wells Arms, had worked on as an editor at Bloomsbury, and since I was seeking an editorial agent, I felt certain that she would be a great fit for me.
When I sent Victoria a query, she jumped on it and we were speaking on the phone almost immediately. There were a couple of other agents I was considering, but nobody was as responsive as Victoria. I just love her enthusiasm. She’s responsive, kind and an editorial agent. I feel so grateful that we’re working together.


What do you suggest a writer does while out on submission?
After your initial obsession—all of the excitement of creating the submission list—that you utterly forget that you even wrote the manuscript. In another words, amnesia is very helpful. How do you do that? Well, get to work on something else. Obsess over your new WIP instead of angst-ing about the baby that’s off in the world. Oh, gosh, that sounds harsh. It’s like telling a mom don’t think about your kid once they’ve left the nest and are on job interviews during their senior year of college. But seriously, once the manuscript is out there, spending energy wondering about it will only make time slow down. If you’re not ready to dive into a new project, read a friend’s WIP or go on an intense reading binge and take notes. Oh, and review whatever books you consume on GoodReads. The authors will totally appreciate it; plus, you get to keep a reading record, and it’s less time worrying about your baby.

Thank you, Hillary!

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